Ukulele Makers

Beautiful instruments made to the very meticulous
standards of German workmanship.
These are a joy to own and to play, and they are very reasonably priced.

Hubert Pfeiffer
Flugplatzstraße 27
97318 Kitzingen
Telefon 09321-36181
Telefax 09321-32545


Despite the amusing name there is nothing at all comical about these Banjo Ukeleles (or Banjolele as some call them). They are beautifully made instruments with a gorgeous tone. Here's what the website says:

"Spanky Banjo Ukes are built by luthiers Dan Fobert and Phil Morris.  Combining Phil's longtime love affair with the ukulele and Dan's creativity and innovative construction techniques, with input from other uke players they have developed an idea for an instrument built in the traditional way but utilizing up to date features.  Spanky Banjo Ukes use a longer, wider concert scale length neck for easier play and a synthetic head to eliminate the problems natural skin heads have with changes in humidity.  The advanced Renaissance and Fiberskyn head materials produce a mellow natural tone while maintaining plenty of banjo volume and punch."


Tel: 972-278-4134 (USA)

These Ukulele's are made by Peter Hurney in California. They really do carry the "WOW" factor. Craftsmanship to die for. Each Uke is a work of art.

Pohaku Ukuleles by Peter Hurney       
937 Grayson Street
Berkeley, California
United States 94710

Tel: 510-845-5055

Ukulian build instruments, mainly Ukuleles, from locally sourced native timbers grown on the Quex Estate, situated in Kent, the Garden of England. Working from a converted cattle shed, Quex Instruments are individually hand crafted with the main emphasis being the sound that these unique instruments produce. Models include Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone Ukuleles, Venezuelan Cuatros and an exceptional Bass Cuatrolele.
Ukuleles were traditionally built from local timbers, and that is exactly what Quex Instruments are made from, often with a full history and location of the tree they are built from.

Tel: 07598 091769