Other Instrument Manufacturers and Makers

Other instruments eh? - well theres a huge undertaking on its own. What I hope to do is put together a list of lesser known but still valid folkie type instruments that have found their way in to our ever widening musical genre. Being a strings player myself, many of these may be biased towards that idiom - but only because of my lack of knowledge. There are probably loads of you out there playing scroggum pumps or weazel-horns or other mythical beasts - if so LET ME KNOW ! (by the way, there are no such instruments as scroggum pumps or weazel-horns - unless you know different !

Here are a few interesting items I have found, played or discovered myself.



Owned a run by Blaine Horlocker, the Smokey Mountain Dulcimer Works makes a variety of top-class dulcimers. He was taught by his grandfather up in the smokey mountains how to make musical instruments. He makes a fine array of other instruments as well, such as the ever popular strum stick

The Strum Stick - These instruments play like a Mountain Dulcimer. They use numbers to play songs. You only put your finger on the bottom string and strum all 3, you will have a beautiful sound, none like you ever heard.

These instruments have been found in the Smokey Mountains for a lot of years. No body knows exactly where or how they became but our mountain folks are very inventive people and we can only guess.




Melody Bowls

Unique instruments unseen in world history yet possessing a wonderful resonance and long sustain. The notes from these instruments are clear and bright, larger instruments produce a good volume with rich overtones subtly woven from the open stringing. The inner curve of the bowl produces a focussed sound that can be miked up or simply projected onto an audience.

Apart from their performance value as used by both poets and singers these instruments also have a powerful and strange tendency to open peoples hearts. For this reason music therapists and healers also use Sounding Bowls of various designs. As a performer you may experience a remarkable audience response using a Sounding Bowl


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