Melodeon Manufacturers and Makers

Well here's one that will knock you dead in your tracks ! - an ELECTRIC melodeon. What a great idea and it's what a lot of reed instrument players in barn dance bands and such have been crying out for.

Here are some of its features:

Two row 21 button keyboard + 8 bass buttons
Feels and plays like a conventional melodeon
8 user-definable voice patches, each allowing configuration of:
Treble and bass voices. Treble and bass voices can be set independently and can be chosen from over 80 instrument sounds.

Treble and bass octaves. Each voice may be shifted up or down up to 2 octaves from normal pitch.

Instrument tuning. 5 diatonic (English) tunings are available: G/C, A/D, C/F, D/G and E/A
4 chromatic (Irish) tunings are available: B/C, C/C#, C#/D. D/D#
4 low notes settings are available: systems 1-4
Bass stop to remove thirds from chords (not shown on photo above)
Bespoke tunings available on request.

Bellows pressure response. The voice level may be set as either variable volume dependant on bellows pressure or fixed volume.

Chorus and reverb effects level.
Patches and tunings easily selectable during normal playing
Instrument fine-tuning +/- one semitone around standard pitch
Sound output via built-in stereo amplifier and loudspeakers, stereo headphones and stereo line-out.
MIDI out.
Battery operated with long battery life rendering the instrument completely self-contained

Phone: 01765 650239

Here's a name that has been on the folk scene since it first started. Manufacturing excellent instruments, Hohner has become one of the mainstays on the folk scene being played by most notable accordion and melodeon "folkies" - I own an old 2 row G/D melodeon myself (which I play very badly but enjoy) it is an excellent instrument and so easy to play.

Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG
Andreas-Koch-Strasse 9
D-78647 Trossingen




One look at Stormy's website at Hyde Accordions will convince you that these accordions are the real deal. You are not only buying a hand-built instrument you are buying a piece of the craftsmans expertise and knowledge. These instruments almost seem to have a soul of their own. Here's what Stormy says on his website:

"I have just launched my new range of Button Accordions and Flutinas that are the result of 24 years of research and development. This has culminated in combining my skills and expertise as a master custom accordion maker, along with incorporating the use of Australian native, exotic and introduced (pest) species of timbers.
Over the past 24 years, a lot of assistance has been given to me, by many people, into the development of the first Australian Accordion, and thereafter, a range of fine instruments".

Hyde Accordions
PO Box 148,
South Australia 5154

Tel/Fax: +61 (08) 8339 5436

Cairdín (pronounced car-DEEN) - All instruments are superbly hand-crafted from the finest materials available. A variety of different wood finishes are available, Standard options are Oak, Walnut, Cherry. With matching Black or Gold Bellows.
After final assembly the accordions are individually tuned and prepared to the exact requirements of the player. Tune options available are B/C, C#/D, D/G, C/F with others on request. Tremelo options are Wet, Dry, Swing, Musette.
Only the highest quality reeds are used, Handmade in the Deluxe range.
All models are fitted with polished metal grills and Flat Keyboards. Availible with 8 or 12 Bases - Bass stops can be fitted if required.
Accordions are supplied with shoulder straps and hard case or padded rucksack, and are guaranteed for three years.

Moneygall, Co. Offaly.
Telephone 0505 45927 (International 00353 505 45927 )

Prize-winning maker of accordions since 1914
Once upon a time there was,and still is, because this is not a fable,
a little shop of "Organettari" artisans.

It received life in the long-gone year 1914
from the hands of Giacomo Castagnari who,
with his experience and passion for music,
started a solid tradition
which has endured until today

via Risorgimento, 77 - Rione Castelnuovo - 62019 Recanati (MC) - Italy
tel. : (0039) 071 757 4294 - fax : (0039) 071 757 2906
E-mail :