Legal Stuff and Relevant Information

Just a few words on this website and it's contents.

All logos, images and other content has been displayed only after gaining permission from the respective owners. Please do not copy any content or images from this website before gaining permission from the respective owners of these images or logos - anyone doing so is acting illegally and I bear no responsibility for the actions of any third parties doing so. Sorry to sound so heavy on this but it just has to be said for my own protection.

I have listed these instruments in good faith - and as I said on the home page it does not mean I either guarantee the performance of these instruments or endorse their quality - what suits one player may not suit another, so make up your own mind on this. I tend to always try an instrument before I buy it - or if having one commissioned, I try other instruments that the manufacturer has made.

I have tried to be fair and accurate when listing the instruments and manufacturers to give a balanced and truthful view of what they do. Any manufacturer listed who wants anything to be altered or removed I will, of course, immediately comply with their wishes.

This website is a labour of love and a fun project. Please feel free to contribute any ideas or suggest further sites by sending me an email - I will then contact the respective site owners and ask their permission to add them. Similarly, any manufacturers wishing to be added I will do this after reviewing your site and deciding on its suitability to be added.

Hope you enjoy your visit

Dave (Hayzee) Hayes