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Teifi Harps speak for themselves. They have a truly distinctive sound - huge, rich and warm, with a clear, ringing treble. Harpists are delighted with the responsiveness of the instrument, and the clarity and depth of sound that can be achieved with these harps.

Teifi Harps
Marble Terrace
Ceredigion SA44 4DT
Wales, UK

Tel: 01559 363 222 
Fax: 01559 362 111

Email: info@teifiharps.com




Telynau Greville Harps manufacture quality 22 string lap harps in Walnut or Maple with spruce soundboards and finished with Danish Oil.  The back of the harp is shaped and designed to sit comfortably on your lap.

The harps are tuned in the key of  'C' with brass semi tone levers on the C and F strings, enabling easy changes to the keys of G, D and relative minors. The harps are strung with high quality nylon strings ranging from .60 (bottom E) through to .25 (top E) covering three octaves.

Complete with tuning key and soft case.

Greville Hunt
The Old Baptist Church,
6b Castle Street,
Casnewydd (Newport). 
NP18 1BR

Phone ++44 (0) 1633 420404
Email greville@grevillehunt.com