Guitar Makers

Nyberg Instruments make some fabulous musical instruments. From guitars through to mandolins and bouzouki's - Here's what their website says about their remarkable instruments:

"Each of my designs combines experience with strength, and efficiency with tone. The best part is that you will hear the quality of the materials and the experience of the craftsman. The instrument's sonic character urges you to play.
After ten years of building, I still use only solid wood in construction. No plastics or laminates. Expect clean design and workmanship inside and out.
Tonewood is personally chosen by me for it's sonic brilliance and vibrant appearance. Let me emphasize that the 'headquarters' of an instrument's tonal character lies in the soundboard. Most of the vibrational signal is processed here. I handplane and tap-tune each soundboard to attain the desired tone colour based on the factors of the species and grain concentration. A smooth transference is best when considering a signal that originates at the bridge and moves through the soundboard to the body".

V0R 1Z0

1-888-335-0487 FREE in north america
or 250-335-0487
studio (250)338-3354


Evergreen Mountain Instruments, owned and operated by luthier and repairman, Jerry Nolte, has been producing hand crafted stringed instruments since 1971.
Jerry specializes in customizing his hand-built instruments to fit individual musical preferences and playing styles at affordable prices. Guitar selections include six string, twelve string, tenor and bass. Mandolins are all 'A' style. Traditional in many design considerations, EMI guitars and mandolins have the look and feel of individually crafted instruments.

Clients participate in standard option selections such as wood, body size, string spacing, action, and decorative appointments used. Wood choices include many that are native to the Pacific Northwest. They are resawn from selected stock, air dried and graded at EMI in Cove, Oregon. Jerry's preferred finish is a hand rubbed violin varnish.

Each instrument comes with a guarantee for customer satisfaction, sound and workmanship. Custom hardshell cases are available for all instruments.

Jerry Nolte
Evergreen Mtn Instr
1608 Jasper
Cove, Oregon 97824

Phone: (541)568-4687

EARNEST INSTRUMENTS are created for musicians who require functional, distinctive, high quality tools for making music. These are not your garden variety music store axes, but uncommon musical instruments designed to meet the needs of innovative players looking for something a little different. Rather than build reproductions of standard manufactured items, EARNEST combines time-tested styles and designs to create unique, original instruments with a classic appearance.

Every effort is made to build the finest sounding and playing instruments. Their expense results from the quality of the materials and workmanship rather than unnecessary detail or excessive ornamentation. Materials are chosen for utility, tone, and appearance. Domestic and lesser known exotic tonewoods are favored over rare, overpriced, and often endangered species. Natural and manufactured materials are combined with appropriate adhesives and fasteners, at optimum humidity, to insure the stability and durability of the instruments. Earnest Instruments are built for a lifetime of music making!

Joel Eckhaus, Luthier
12 Fairlawn Ave.
S. Portland, ME 04106
Phone: 207 799-9788


Godin are makers of fabulous musical instruments played by some of the best performers the world over. Incredible instruments that just ooze quality. Here's what their website says:

"We started building guitars over twenty years ago in a village in Quebec Canada called La Patrie. The man that started it all is Robert Godin. Robert still owns the company and he continues to design the vast majority of our guitars.

We are a Canadian company with our head office located in Montreal and we build our guitars in four different locations, three in Quebec and one in New Hampshire. For those of you keeping score, that adds up to six factories spread out over about 1000 kilometers. So why not just have one giant guitar factory? Although there are some obvious inconveniences associated with spreading ourselves out this much, the up-side is that these smaller operations promote a more intimate working environment which gets everybody more involved and this is reflected in the instruments themselves.

Godin guitars are assembled in our Berlin, New Hampshire factory. The necks and bodies are all made in our original location in La Patrie, Quebec.

We are also known for our acoustic guitars which include the following brands : Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Norman, LaPatrie and Art & Lutherie".

phone: 514-457-7977

S.B. MacDonald make some truly great guitars - Here's what the website says:

"My custom guitars are made strictly by special order. Each is designed around the needs, spirit and personality of the customer. Design, function, balance, and tonal flavor come together to create an instrument that is an extension of the artist. I insist on getting to know as much about each customer and their music as I can before design and construction begins. In the end, an instrument as unique as its owner is born."

S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments

phone: 631.421.9056

These really are wonderful, hand-built guitars and mandolins. Much care and attention is lavished on the internal bracing to make the tone of these instruments and near perfect as is possible. Here's what his site says:

"Arguably, the most important aspect of any stringed instrument is the thickness of and the type of bracing used on the sound-board / front. Unlike the larger manufacturers and other smaller makers, sander thicknessers are not used in the construction of my instruments. Every guitar front and back is hand-planed and tap-toned to achieve the very best results from the materials used. Bracing patterns vary according to the type and size of the instrument and the quality of the wood. Each brace joint is checked with a dry-run before it is glued. In this way, even the less expensive models of guitars and mandolins may be versatile and well-rounded instruments".

Colin Keefe
35, Chesterfield Avenue,
Long Eaton,
NG10 2DT

Telephone:- 01158 490 490 , or 07949 725 051 (mobile)

Today Everett builds only 6 - 8 guitars a year in his shop in Atlanta. Each instrument is an individual work of art. These really are wonderful instruments right out of the Luthiers top drawer.

"Built by hand, untouched by compromise"

Every Everett is individually constructed in a careful environment where quality is the main concern

Atlanta, Georgia
phone 770 454-6618

Great guitars from a great guitar luthier. Quality instruments just crying out to be played. Here's what the website says:

"My top construction gives a characteristic sound that is distinctive and easily identifiable, and consistent even between different styles of guitars and different woods"

John Kinnaird
100 Rolling Road
Social Circle
GA 30025

phone: 770 787 1132

Really pretty guitars that just ooze tonal quality. A tribute to the Luthiers skill and expertise. Here's what the website says:

"Body style, tonal properties, neck profile, and cosmetic appointments are chosen through consultation between you and luthier Rick Davis. One pair of hands then builds your guitar.

Select materials are used throughout. The woods are carefully chosen for your particular instrument, giving consideration to your preferences for tone and aesthetics. Each soundboard is carefully tap-tuned to give full voice to the instrument. Wooden bindings and wood-and-abalone rosettes complement and complete the body, fingerboard, and headstock. Abalone inlays are hand-cut to your specification".

Running Dog Guitars - Rick Davis
1394 Stage Road
Richmond, VT 05477

phone: 802-434-4399