Gibson Banjos - Models


All text and pictures courtesy of Gibson



Earl Scruggs Golden Deluxe
Introduced in 1992, the Earl Scruggs Golden Deluxe adds an elegant touch of satin gold to the classic look of the Earl Scruggs model.










Earl Scruggs Standard
Introduced in 1984, the Earl Scruggs Standard replicates Earl's personal Granada model. Although Earl's instrument originally had gold-plated hardware, the plating has long ago worn off, so the Standard features nickel-plated hardware to look just like Earl's.











The Earl
In honour of Earl Scruggs' monumental career achievements Gibson has created a new, limited edition, collectible/tribute banjo model: The Earl. The Earl is Gibson's ultimate tribute to the man who virtually reinvented the five-string banjo and brought it from near-obscurity into many different types of music, from traditional fiddle tunes to modern rock styles.











The Granada brought the crisp, clear sound of a solid maple resonator to the Gibson line in 1925 and has been the player's choice ever since. The legendary Earl Scruggs wrote the book on bluegrass banjo on a Gibson Granada.














J.D. Crowe "Black Jack"
The father of the "new grass" movement wanted his new, hand-crafted banjo to embody the best qualities of the Gibson banjos he's played and mastered for the last 30 years including a V-shaped neck, custom Style 3 inlay and satin gold hardware.









br banjo


Keeping in Gibson's fine tradition of excellence in craftsmanship, the birth of a new banjo has arrived. The Gibson RB banjo has the same exceptional tone and quality as the Mastertone line of banjos, but at a more affordable price. Based on tried and true Gibson designs, this instrument is an excellent addition to the Gibson family of instruments.











The RB-250 was the workhorse of the Gibson Mastertone line from the 1950s through the 70s. Today's edition has been retro-updated with classic prewar styling.














RB-3 Wreath
For banjoists of the 1920s and '30s, the RB-3 was their step up to a Gibson Mastertone. The warm tone of a mahogany resonator has been the RB-3's trademark since 1930.