Flute and Whistle Makers


overtonThese are truly wonderful whistles, and each one is hand made for tone and quality and carry a lifetime guarantee. These are not just whistles but also a work of art. Here is an extract from their website:

Overton Whistles are called by the name of their developer Bernard Overton. The Overton whistles were designed in the late 60s and in that time have become a most sought after item for the whistle player. The Overtons offer a range of whistles from high F (Soprano) all the way down to Low G (Bass Baritone) including all flats and sharps. All whistles are made of an aluminium alloy. Each whistle is hand made so no two are identical and you can be sure to have your own unique instrument although they all have the unmistakable OVERTON sound. All instruments carry a lifetime guarantee and are supplied with a bag and certificate of authenticity.

email goldie@overton.de






Dave Shaw makes fabulous whistles. Here is an excerpt from his website:

SHAW whistles are a sweet  toned instrument, individually voiced to give maximum performance. The whistle is a tapered design, handmade in solid nickel silver sheet with a carved hardwood block,  the lower keys having a metal lined wind way. They are assembled using lead-free solder.

Dave Shaw
2 Shafto Cottage
Co Durham

Phone: +44 (0)1207 231474

email: dave@daveshaw.co.uk




burkeOne of the master craftsmen at whistle making, Michael Burke is fast gaining a reputation for providing exquisite "penny whistles". Whistle Heads Feature Precision Machined Delrin Lined Curved Windways, And Black Delrin Tipped Mouthpieces.

These really are right out of the top drawer for any musician who demands only the best. Not only that, they are an instrument that is a beautiful item in it's own right. Aesthetics are also a part of the joy of ownership.

Michael D. Burke
389 Wells Street
Illinois, 62966 USA

Voice mail / Fax: (618) 684 5377
email: mdburke@midwest.net




twzThese really are beautifully made whistles and are hand-made. They are even tuneable (and we all know how important that is) - here's what their website says:

Our individual handmade whistle models made of brass are instruments for the ambitious musician. Whistlers all over the world enjoy it to play an original TWZ whistle made by Andreas Joseph in Germany. The choice of high quality materials and the solid workmanship guarantee instruments of a superb quality.

The unusual look and the lively and fresh sound often makes TWZ whistles to the choice of the professional and advanced player. Perfect sound, design and intonation are the outstanding features.

TWZ - Tin Whistle Zentrum Deutschland
Heidweg 16
24689 Ochtersum

Phone +49 (0) 4975/755 240
Fax +49 (0) 4975/755 241
email: info@tinwhistle.de




abellHere is a maker not only of world renowned and beautifully crafted flutes but also whistles. The true love of the craftsman and the expertise of the technician goes in to every one of these masterpieces. Here's a little more from the website:

"The decision to become a manufacturer of wooden Boehm system flutes came primarily from one observation: that the pungent, reedy tone produced with a wooden flute is unequaled in any other material. While the brilliance of tone produced in the metal flutes is exquisite, there is a quality of sound, a dark rich fullness in the wooden instruments, which the metal flutes can only approach; and it is precisely this "wooden tone" that has inspired my work.

I have also maintained an intense curiosity in the actual design and manufacture of an instrument of such complexity, especially the joining of dissimilar materials like wood and silver. This interest in the making of fine flutes has allowed me another observation: that the standard of flute making has risen dramatically through the evolution of the metal flute".

The Abell Flute Company
111 Grovewood Road
NC 28804

Phone: 828-254-1004
email: abellflute@juno.com




dixonTony Dixon is one of the greats in whistle making and is based in Devon, England. He makes a range of whistles that have a tone and style to die for, and how about this - a whistle with interchangeable heads that you can turn into a FLUTE !!! - Here's a little from his website:

"Overnight inspiration gave Tony the idea that became the ‘Duo-Head’. With a clever adaptation of the neck, the head of the instrument could be made interchangeable. One minute a flute - then a twist - and you have a whistle. So, if you're a whistle-player and fancy moving on to the flute; or you're flautistry fancies developing to a whistle, this is the instrument package for you.

From low D up to high D are available with all the intermediate keys available - tenor, alto and soprano. The aim is to provide well made and tuned instruments, well voiced, and at realistic prices to encourage students of all ages and abilities. Robust polymer construction ensures minimal maintenance and easy cleaning, while giving a loud and bright tone in the higher keys, the lower keys being rich and full sounding."

Tony Dixon Music Ltd
P.O. Box 112
EX39 3JQ

Phone/Fax: +44 (0)1237 422440
email: info@tonydixonmusic.co.uk




albaMaybe you thought Scotland was the land of the bagpipes - and it is, but it's also the home to Alba Whistles, one of the great whistle makers. These are not only beautiful and very tactile instruments to own and play but have a gorgeous tone. Here's more from the website"

"Alba Whistles are handcrafted in the Highlands of Scotland from beautifully finished brushed aluminium. These high quality musical instruments feature a synthetic fipple plug made from water resistant Tufnol, and a novel mouthpiece with a curved windway to reduce moisture problems. In addition the decorative rings engraved around the shaft and the intricate Alba logo emphasise the craftsmanship involved and make the whistles very attractive to look at."

Alba Whistles
IV19 1LD

Phone/fax +44 (0)1862 821202
email: info@albawhistles.com




sweetheartRalph Sweet has been making top class flutes and whistles since 1974, and boy does he do it well ! - he makes Flutes, Whistles, Fifes, Tabor Pipes and does them with skill, passion, expertise and all at a reasonable price. Here is a little more from his website on his new "Professional Model" whistle:

"With conical bore for perfect octave registration, completely new windway design, and new internal cork joint, this new whistle plays like a dream! Tone quality is sweeter, response more even - more controlled on the top notes, while strong on the bottom. Can even play 3rd octave notes without injuring eardrums!

Some comments received: "Plays as well or better than the best high-end whistles available" "Makes you want to practice" "Fun to play".

Designed over an 8-month period involving much experimentation by Walter Sweet (Ralph's son), it is constructed of Northern birch laminate for strength and stability (trademark "Dymondwood©"), and looks very much like Honduras Rosewood. Blackwood models are also available.

Sweetheart Flute Company
32 South Maple Street,
CT 06082

Phone: (860) 749-4494
email: ralphsweet@aol.com




Beautiful hand made whistles with a beautifully sweet tone at an affordable price. Humphrey Whistles really are craftsman built and a joy to own. Here's a little more from his website:

"Each whistle is precision crafted to very strict tolerances, and thoroughly tested before being shipped… no whistle leaves my workshop that I wouldn’t be happy keeping for myself!

The mouthpieces of my whistles are made from black acetal, and are fastened together with an acetal pin... only close inspection reveals that they are not one-piece injection molded.
The windway is tapered, which produces a more focused airstream and helps reduce condensation buildup.
Both Stealth and Journeyman whistles are tunable by sliding the mouthpiece up and down on the tube.
All tubes are designed to play in concert pitch when warmed up and pulled out 1/4 the bore diameter... this allows tuning 15 to 20 cents sharp, and flatter than that if necessary."

Gary Humphrey Jr.
571 Frank Anderson Road
Sparta, TN 38583-7267

email: raindog1970@hotmail.com




These really are beautifully constructed and designed whistles that are not only a joy to play but are a piece of art in their own right. Here's a little more from the website:

"We are the makers of Elf Song penny whistles. Elves are busy building whistles in their workshop, situated on Vancouver Island in the Oceanside town of Ladysmith, B.C. Canada.

We build handmade whistles in a variety of keys along with our new line of manufactured whistles. We have whistles with GHB bagpipe fingering along with tutorial & tune books. Sit back, grab a cup of Chi tea and have a look around!"

Sandy Jasper
Box 293 Ladysmith B.C.
V9G-1A2 Canada

email: WhistleComapny@shaw.ca




seventh wave flutesThese are beautiful handcrafted flutes from the finest woods. Here's what the website says:

These traditional wooden flutes are individually hand-carved from various indigenous woods, most of which are sourced from the moors. The instruments are based on an original Native American design which Nigel has adapted and developed into a flute that plays the songs of this ancient land.

Lower Merripit Farm,
PL20 6TJ

phone - 01822 880301
fax - 01822 880301

email - info@seventhwavemusic.co.uk