Bagpipe Manufacturers and Makers

shawDave has been playing and making pipes for more than twenty five years. His pipes have a reputation for elegance, are designed to sound technical specifications and are beautifully tuned.
All Dave's pipes are made in traditional hardwoods, typically African Blackwood and Boxwood, although other woods may be used if suitable.
All have hand forged brass keys and brass fittings, with imitation ivory trims.
All keywork is fitted with superbly balanced springing and each set is skillfully tuned to suit the characteristics of the instrument.

Dave Shaw
2 Shafto Cottage
Co Durham

Phone: +44 (0)1207 231474

inveran bagpipesAs it says on their website, Inveran are makers of fine quality Highland Bagpipes, and they really are beautifully constructed instruments. Here is a little more from their website:

"At Inveran we understand that choosing an instrument should be a personal & tailored experience. Inveran Bagpipes are turned and finished by hand, then finished to your specification. The Maker will personally quality test your instrument before it leaves our workshop".

Inveran Bagpipe Makers
Wester Lumbennie Bungalow
Woodriffe Road
Newburgh, Fife
Scotland KY14 6EX

Phone/Fax (01337) 842 915

macmurchie pipesMacMurchie bagpipes can proudly claim to be "The only Bagpipe Maker to have made Bagpipes on Three Different Continents Australia, America, and Europe." These really are excellent pipes. Heres a little more from the website:

"The only Bagpipe Maker to have made Bagpipes on Three Different Continents Australia, America, and Europe. ( Australian Pipe Band Championships Perth 1996, and Fergus Highland Games Ontario Canada August 2003 and Scotland of course ! ) Giving the utmost attention to the quality of tone, and sound, and using only the best quality of African Blackwood for making a first grade quality Bagpipe whether it be for a novice or professional player. These Bagpipes represent years of experience not only as a Bagpipe Maker, but also as a Pipe Major achieving a double "A" pass (for music writing, theory, and history, and achieving an "A" for practical playing) and as a teacher was also awarded the Institute of Piping 'Senior Teachers Certificate and the 'Graduate Certificate. Combining both playing and craftsmanship."

MacMurchie Bagpipe Makers
Unit 47E, West End,
West Calder,
West Lothian,

Phone (01506) 872333
Fax (01506) 885220
After Hours Tel. (01506) 883939

ajAs their website proudly proclaims "As Bagpipe Makers, Fletcher Bagpipes are reknowned throughout the World by soloists and by pipers in many of today's top Grade I Pipe Bands" Here's a little more from their website:

"The reputation of Fletcher Bagpipes is built upon the fact that each instrument is crafted in the traditional hand. Each piece of authentic African Blackwood is carefully inspected, whilst the design and appearance of our silverwork sets Fletcher Bagpipes apart from other Bagpipe Makers. A time intensive process ensures that every bagpipe which leaves our workshop is perfect and also unique. "

A J Fletcher (Bagpipe Makers) Ltd,
Nicols Yard,
Glenhead Rd,
Lenzie, Glasgow
G66 5AJ Scotland

Phone: 0044 (0) 141 776 3800

murrayBeautiful craftsman made bagpipes for the connoiseur. Here's what the website says:

"Whether you are a professional piper or a novice, nothing provides greater inspiration for improved performance than the use of a quality set of bagpipes.

Highest quality bagpipes are the result of years of experience, research and skilled craftsmanship. Superior production methods and the highest quality materials are all that are used to make these superb sounding bagpipes."

Ian Murray Bagpipes
100 Montrose Rd,
Forfar, Angus,
Scotland, DD8 2HT

Phone: +44 1307 468374

mooreFabulous bagpipes played by some of the worlds top players and performers - a true connoisseurs bagpipe - here's more from the website:

"The pipes arrived the day after I returned from holiday. I haven't put them down yet! I don't think I was ready for the total beauty of the instrument.I am speaking not only of the beauty in craftmanship within the design and construction, but the exquisite beauty in the sound produced. The wait was well well worth the reward. Thank you for your fine work. My only fear is that now I will be playing the Highland Pipes less." (recent quote from another satisfied customer)

Pipers playing Hamish Moore pipes include
Allan MacDonald (Glenuig) * Bob Worral * Duncan MacGillivray * Martyn Bennett * Fred Morrison * Patrick Mollard * Iain MacDonald (Glenuig) * Iain MacDonald (Neilston) * George Balderose * Iain MacInnes * Malcolm Robertson * Gary West (Ceolbeg) * Stephen Saint (Wolfstone) * Anna Murray * Annie Grace (Iron Horse) * Phil Cunningham * Terry Tully (St Lawrence O'Toole) * Carol Anne MacKay * Evelyn Glennie * Rory Campbell (Deaf Shepherd) * Greg Wilson * John MacPhee & Bruce MacPhee (Slainte Mhath) * Keith Paton (Simon Fraser) * Ed Neigh * Angus MacKenzie (Daimh) * Anne Gray * Davy Garrett * Eric Rigler (Skyedance)"

Hamish Moore,
Fungarth Steading,
PH8 0ES,
Scotland, UK

Phone: +[44] (0)1350 728 838

evans bagpipesRichard & Anita Evans are makers of Northumbrian Pipes, Scottish Smallpipes and Border Pipes. These pipes are beautiful masterpieces in their own right. Heres what the website says:

"Originally from the North East of England, we now live and work in the North West, near Carlisle - close to the Lake District, Scottish Borders and Northumberland.
Richard has been making and playing bellows pipes for 30 years, having finished his first set in 1975. During this time he has made a wide variety of instruments, including original designs for Scottish Smallpipes and multi-keyed Northumbrian chanters . In 1985 he won the pipemaking class in the Northumbrian Pipers' Society annual competitions with a seventeen-key 'D' set - a complex and unusual instrument.

Anita is involved with many aspects of bagpipe manufacture, but specializes in reeds and bellows

Our workshops are geared to producing beautiful instruments from finest quality materials. Sets we have made are owned and played not only in the UK, but throughout Europe and further, including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, South America and Japan."

Richard & Anita Evans
Cumbria, CA4 0EP,

Phone: +44 (0)16974 73799

hogfeldtMagnus Högfeldt is a builder of Danish bagpipes. He was raised in a little Danish town called Skælskør, but currently living in Skåne, Sweden.

The Swedish bagpipes (säckpipa or pôsu) are amongst the world’s simplest – both in construction and playing. The Swedish bagpipes often have only one drone, tuned in the key note of the chanter.

Magnus Högfeldt
Tottarpsvägen 164
245 93 Staffanstorp

Phone: +46 737 614832